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Anonymous asked:

So I've been wondering for a little while... where did the title for Fishsticks come from? Did it have anything to do with the South Park fishsticks joke (episode was also called Fishsticks), or is that just extremely happy coincidence? PS. I always look forward to your updates, they make my day better <3

It was completely coincidental. I doodled a picture of Dean in the bathtub with Cas serving him fish sticks, and it just seemed right. Because fish sticks are horrible things that I absolutely love and will devour when they’re near me. It goes with ‘what’s the easiest thing to keep in your freezer?’ For Cas’s lifestyle and ‘what would a mermaids find addictive?’

Went to the Barnes and Noble website. They had a book that interested me in the bargain books section. Hey, it’s in stock at the store on the way home. I can swing that. Get out and head straight to bargain books section. Search high and low, but no sign of the book. There’s another book that I wanted there, and I find that one. Oh, wait. The price is higher than it is online. … Check a couple more books on my phone. All the prices are higher by about double than the online price. That’s not how it was when I went to the store up north. =| Lesson learned: Citadel B&N hates me and doesn’t want my money. They want me to leave in awkward shame without any books. I’ll just buy my crap online, thank you. Oh, but I could have asked for help! No, I couldn’t. There was already someone at the counter, and the price would have been more than $3 anyway. And I don’t like doing that. I’m gonna crawl into bed and see if I can’t finish Bitten. Writing Cas/Levi makes me happy. He’s a pain, but fun to write.

deertopus asked:

Do you have a prevision of when you gonna post more of fire exit, fishsticks or bitten? I'm doing here c'mon. And what about the adventures of vampire Dean? It's so funny and cute, what happen to it?

Bitten should be coming out soon. Fire Exit should be updated sometime this week, and I don’t have a plan for anything else yet.

battlefox said: I totally get that.. in fact, most of the time, I never get around to going to my D&D group, because I can’t handle it socially, though I always lie or make up some excuse why I can’t go :/ I really wish I didn’t have such a hard time with people..

I miss my old D&D group. Even though it was hard for me to interact, I still enjoyed it. We were awful. We would accidentally crit side characters that were supposed to move the story along. And I had a cat army. I miss my bard.


Anonymous asked:

I really hate asking this, but I feel like I missed something really important. What does the term designer disease mean..?

Right here. Other people have used the term differently. I use it like someone shopping for a handbag to go with their jacket.

Guess people didn’t like the designer disease comment. Not particularly sorry. Self-diagnosed? Be honest about it, but don’t go claiming it as if you have been diagnosed by a professional when you haven’t and as if it’s something that makes you special and better than everyone. Especially if you’re claiming a disorder that would normally have people struggling with everyday life and you’re having no issues. Do you have any idea what it’s like to go to a grocery store and can’t even go down an aisle because there is one person already there? You wander back and forth while you wait for a couple people to move away from the vicinity of the milk? To end up breaking down as you try to get out of the parking lot and it’s taking maybe five seconds longer than normal, or because you’re unable to get gas at that particular second because there’s already people lined up? Or how about getting unreasonably angry and frustrated because a gas station installed new pumps? Can you function perfectly fine with a conversation happening next to you? How about two? Do you have to leave the area and hope no one notices the distressed look on your face or the tears in your eyes? Does your heart race when you hear a vacuum cleaner or an electric toothbrush? Have you ever dug your nails so far into your skin as to draw blood without even noticing because you can’t escape? Wanna lock yourself away, but your escape route’s been cut off, so you can only retreat to somewhere partially hidden, and just pray that no one finds you while you panic, huddled in the corner and cringing.

So when I say I’m having a ‘hard day’ that’s what I’m dealing with. I’m undiagnosed for whatever the fuck I have. Self-diagnosis? Social anxiety, depression, and I score way too high on those autism tests. I joke about getting a ‘high score, do I win anything?’, but it kinda disturbs me. It just solidifies all the fears of not being able to connect with people. I don’t really get how people build friendships, and my high score is like a stab into an already bleeding wound.

So, yeah. Designer Disease. I’ll take mine in black.

humannidean said: I completely agree. Self Diagnosis is just…I can’t name it.

That’s why I can’t wait to see a doctor to find out exactly what I have, so I can work at it better, but at the same time… That requires seeing a doctor and calling them, and going to a new place and seeing a new person and deviating from my routine. I feel sick with just having to go down to my storage unit for stuff—and there is no one there to worry about interacting with. It’s one awful cycle of fuuuuck. And then I figure ‘Well, I’ve survived this long… I can wait a little longer.’


Anonymous asked:

I'm sorry, but "Designer Desease"?

Yeah… Designer Disease is what I call the popular self-diagnosis disorders. The sort that you have to wonder if people actually have. It’s like ‘Oh, I have ADD.’ ‘Yeah? Well, I have ADHD.’ ‘Oh, that’s nothing. I have OCD.’ ‘Psh! I’m austistic!’ ‘Ooooh!!’

Like mental disorders come in designer colors.

So, can I get ‘normal’ and ‘doesn’t stand out’ in black and red?

Argh. I still can’t get to the icecream because there are new humans in the house. And my mother just told them I have Asperger’s or whatever, and now I definitely can’t go down there, and I wanna cry. At least my cat’s stuck up here with me.

Seriously. This gets on my nerves. Once I get my paper that officially says I have whatever designer disease, then feel free to run around saying ‘Oh, my poor daughter has this, and that’s why she acts weird.’ Until then, I think I’d feel better with people asking what’s ‘wrong’ with me, and then someone saying ’Oh, she matches up with all the symptoms for this, so that’s what I believe.’

I’m trying! Don’t shoot me down before I’ve even had a chance to fake it.

I’ll go back to my Beverly Hills Cop marathon now. =|


Anonymous asked:

So I really like the fire exit comic and I haven't checked it in a while so when I saw the last comic I screamed cause of cas and I was in the middle of a public area AND THIS PERSON NEXT TO ME SAW IT AND SAID "I KNOW RIGHT HE CANT BE DEAD" and we ended up talking for hours and I just want to say you have sparked a new friendship but broke my heart.

>///< Wow!!

Congrats on the new friend! And sorry for breaking your heart. =(

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