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Mylar and duralar. It’d be great if everyone could learn the difference and stop being shocked when they see mylar isn’t clear. And stop using the weird translucent as if it means transparent.


@crackinwise replied to your post: This makes reblogging myself more diff…

does your desktop chrome have any other extensions or overprotective firewall active?

I already went through all my extensions. And it was the one that I had on here the longest. =| Oh, AdBlock. Why do you hate my site and not everyone else’s? (Really, it shows it for everyone else—including other .com Tumblrs.) Siiiggghhh.

PS—So now it’s disabled on dot-com me, but running on Tumblr. At least it knows the difference.

This makes reblogging myself more difficult than it should be. =| Works on Chrome on my laptop, and on Firefox on my desktop. Just not…on Chrome. On the desktop. Great. Thank you.

Has since been fixed, but no less annoying.

Anonymous said: Hey so I was wondering if you knew of any Destiel fics where its kinda like the little mermaid except either Dean or cas is the sea witch (I saw a post about it and couldnt help but wonder if it was a real fic)

No idea, but this is what I came up with. May or may not be elaborated later. =| Stupid plot bunnies.

Stick Figure Theatre: Always look behind the curtain.

AU in which mer!Cas wants to hang out with humans, so he goes to see the mysterious sea witch. Mysterious sea witch gets a crush on Cas and makes a deal with Cas, thinking that he’s gonna get the true love’s kiss. On land, Dean regularly hangs out with pirates, because merfolk don’t dig tentacle-dudes, and if you have magic, you may as well use it. Dean’s flirting goes right over Cas’s head, even though Cas really likes Dean. Meg beats Dean to the punch by being blunt instead of using subtle flirting. Cas sees Meg as his easy ticket to keep his legs (potentially giving him more time to work on Dean), and Dean tries to sabotage Cas’s efforts. Time runs out, the spell ends, and Dean is outed. Grumpy Cas and apologetic Dean work it out and live happily ever after. The end.

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