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Anonymous asked:

i'm kind of laughing at the moment because you sometimes go by Likho on here, and Likho is part of Russian mythology, and it's the spirit of misfortune.

That seems about right.

Chapter 6. Benny meets Leviathan, and Cas decides to go on an adventure.


Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Destiel, Sabriel, eventual Destiny.
Rating: M.
Summary: Steampunk AU. Sam and Dean are hunters on the trail of Dr. Azazel. While searching an abandoned lab for any sign of the doctor’s current whereabouts, Dean receives a fatal bite from a cockatrice. The Winchesters are forced to rely on the help of a mad scientist to save Dean’s life, but at what cost?

[AO3] [FF.n]


Anonymous asked:

So I've been wondering for a little while... where did the title for Fishsticks come from? Did it have anything to do with the South Park fishsticks joke (episode was also called Fishsticks), or is that just extremely happy coincidence? PS. I always look forward to your updates, they make my day better <3

It was completely coincidental. I doodled a picture of Dean in the bathtub with Cas serving him fish sticks, and it just seemed right. Because fish sticks are horrible things that I absolutely love and will devour when they’re near me. It goes with ‘what’s the easiest thing to keep in your freezer?’ For Cas’s lifestyle and ‘what would a mermaids find addictive?’

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