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maadskittlez29 asked:

Since Cas is half demon and half angel in Fire Exit, does he have Grace like other angels? Or does the fact that his genes are predominately demonic mean that he does not? Honestly, I'm not sure how much Grace plays into this comic, but I thought I'd ask anyway. :)

Grace doesn’t really play into the comic. They each have powers that are more specific to their species (angels: healing, light-based magic; demons: pain, illusions, dark-based magic). Things like that.


Anonymous asked:

Awkward question, but I am insanely curious about the mechanics of being a non-human. How do merfolk dispose of their waste, and how did Dean (or Charlie, or Sam) react when they went to the bathroom the first time, as a human?

Hm… They have designated areas where bottom feeders flourish and munch up everything. They don’t go swimming around like goldfish, trailing a long line of poo, even if the image is hilarious.

Dean vs. the toilet: Fascinated with watching the water go down and come back.

Sam vs. the toilet: Loves that he has privacy and no longer has fish staring at him.

Charlie vs. the toilet: Busy reading a book and forgets that’s she’s finished.

As far as periods go, mermaids have one whole gloop of bloodclot fun that they keep in their merwallet (the scientific term for the urogenital opening). They take the mass of blood and stash it somewhere away from the colony and hurry back. Sometimes, the blood attracts a shark, and, well… Better than burning on the ceiling, I guess.

Charlie vs. the rag: Would rather deal with one big blob of blood or a few little blobs than a pad. At least, until she was introduced to tampons.


Anonymous asked:

I really love your art c: and I also saw one thing: on some arts your wrote a name, Nastya (Настя). Is that your real name?

Short for Anastasia. I’ll tack this onto the FAQ as well as the updating schedule questions when I get the chance.

theflashisgone asked:

I adore your Fishsticks stick figure drawings, and Dean and Cas's interactions while Cas is explaining mermaid anatomy are hilarious. On a completely separate note and just out of curiosity, does Fire Exit Cas have angelic features that are covered up with a glamor?

His angelic feature would be the fact that he has wings. Angels earn their wings through love, which will be address sometime soon in the comic, but not exactly sure when. So, being raised around love, normal angels get them fairly quickly because they understand the feeling, whereas Cas understands the usefulness of others. He’s more likely to make friends with someone because they can get him what he wants, but he wouldn’t lift a finger to help if it didn’t help him as well.

I…had no idea that I let my ask box get so out of hand, so… Going through that right now. Deleting all that are just compliments and such-like. So to those: A really big thank you!!

Things that I have no idea about are getting deleted, and anons are being deleted.

Time to start over.

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